How to Become a Professional Amazon Product Photography Expert?

If you run an eCommerce business, you undoubtedly already know how great your products are, but until a consumer sees them in person, all they have are the photographs on your website to go on.

This is why the top eCommerce websites feature not only outstanding products but also great product photography. These photographs attest to the quality and value of your products while also providing transparency to your online store.

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Important Features of Product Photography

The technique of photographing any item that is for sale is known as product photography.

It’s an important aspect of every firm’s advertising strategy, and it is made used for anything from showcasing your products to establishing a rapport with potential buyers.

Since major corporations frequently utilize product photography to sell products it is also known as “commercial” photography. It’s a type of photography that emphasizes a product’s most appealing aspects to make it interesting.

Product photography has a significant impact on customer behavior and revenue. If your business sells anything with a visually stunning feature, specialized photography marketing will help your company look more organized.

As a vendor, your primary purpose is to persuade customers to purchase your goods.

By displaying captivating images of your product you can accomplish this. The most essential elements to achieving this are good lighting, multiple camera angles, proper background, and props that add more character to the picture itself.

How to Become a professional amazon product photography expert?

Amazing and high-quality Amazon product photography is difficult to obtain. Here are a few essential steps to becoming a professional amazon product photography expert.

1. Create a white backdrop for the product

As the most cost-effective solution, it can just be a white sheet of paper or a white cloth. You can also use ironed bed sheets if you want.

2. Take multiple pictures from different angles

Shooting images of a product from multiple angles and layouts show the different sides and small details to the customer. This offers the buyer the transparency they will want to purchase the items online by allowing them to see how the item looks in hand.

The advantage of using Amazon is that it allows you up to eight photos per product. Hence, during shooting a session of product photography, you have the freedom to capture a lot of pictures from multiple angles and afterward post the ones that look the most appealing.

3. Focus on the lighting

It’s far more important, and there’s no better solution for professional lighting than soft white lighting. In this scenario, you can get a lightbox for your Amazon product photography.

Aside from that, you can set up your own Amazon product photography studio at home. Furthermore, you can save money by using LED lights or any other portable light source.

4. Pay attention to the image format

If you don’t make the photograph square, Amazon will do it for you. In this scenario, you might consider the future form of Amazon product photos early. It’ll make your job a whole lot easier. On the other hand, because Amazon renders various formats, you must set images to sRGB. As a result, Amazon only accepts sRGB as a format.

5. Consider the size of the frame

A common complaint from customers is when the actual size of the product is different from the picture shown on the website.

As a result, the product mustn’t appear to be too big or too little. Hence, as per Amazon’s product photography requirements, the smartest way to deal with this is to take your photos at the line of sight and from a distance where the object takes up roughly 85% of the frame of the picture.

6. Professional Photo Editing

It is important to eliminate any flaws from the picture. Other than retouching, one of the most common edits done in post-production of product photos is clipping paths and masking.  Clipping Paths are usually used to remove and add backgrounds that suit the requirement of Amazon, which is a clear white backdrop.

Make sure to remember that this step of the process must be done with precision and by professional editors. However, hiring and maintaining a graphic designer can be very costly, especially for start-ups, hence experts recommend using photo editing services that can be found online.

There are numerous reliable services readily available, that’s why it might seem confusing when choosing the right company. You can start with Cut Out Bees which provides high-quality results and extremely comfortable rates.

Types of photography for Amazon Product Photographers

photography for Amazon Product

Those who are new to the e-commerce business believe a product photograph is an easy photo of the goods on a white background. However, there are many more sorts of photography that you may use to get your goods noticed and convert more sales.

1. White background product photos

It is a set of product photos on a white background that you can use with any Amazon product. This type of shoot is entirely possible if you have a good Smartphone.

2. Lifestyle product photography with models

It refers to the photos that demonstrate your product in action. To add a physical connection, it’s usually done with a  model. Based on your goods, the type of lifestyle photographs you’ll require will vary substantially.

3. Infographic purpose images

They require some custom design work because they are Info-graphic images. They also include some more product information in the form of design features and content. Infographic images have to be shot by the content of the infographic design.

Final Words

If you decide to do some of your photography,  invest some time and possibly some money in some common and easy equipment. When photographing, don’t be scared to attempt a variety of new things and keep an open mind about the results.

Photography, especially product photography is heavily reliant on practice, skill and experience, hence, don’t give up if the first tries don’t end up with good results. Hopefully, this article has helped you grasp the basics of what to do and guide you through product photography for Amazon to implement it successfully.

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