Increase Facebook Customer Feedback Score 2023

With the widespread use of social media platforms for business promotion, it’s crucial to understand the impact of customer feedback on platforms like Facebook. In this article, we’ll explore strategies to improve your Facebook customer feedback score, understand the influence of advertising on feedback scores, and learn how to deal with poor feedback effectively.

How to Improve Your Facebook Customer Feedback Score

What is the Facebook customer feedback score and why is it important?

The Facebook customer feedback score is a metric that measures the quality of customer satisfaction based on their interactions and feedback on your business page. It is important because it directly impacts your ad performance and the overall reputation of your business on the platform.

What are the common reasons for a low feedback score on Facebook?

A low feedback score on Facebook can be attributed to various factors such as poor customer experience, slow response to queries, delayed delivery, and negative reviews from customers.

How can I maintain a high feedback score on Facebook?

To maintain a high feedback score on Facebook, it’s essential to focus on delivering exceptional customer service, promptly addressing any issues, collecting feedback from your customers through surveys, and consistently improving the quality of your products or services.

Understanding Facebook Ads and Feedback Scores

How does running ads on Facebook affect my feedback score?

Running ads on Facebook can significantly impact your feedback score. Positive feedback from customers who interact with your ads can boost your score, while negative feedback can cause it to drop.

What strategies can I use to ensure positive customer feedback on Facebook ads?

To ensure positive customer feedback on Facebook ads, focus on targeting the right audience, creating engaging and relevant ad content, and providing clear and accurate information about your products or services.

What should I do if my feedback score drops after running ads on Facebook?

If your feedback score drops after running ads on Facebook, evaluate the feedback received, analyze the potential reasons for the drop, and take corrective actions such as addressing customer concerns and improving the quality of your ads.

Strategies for Improving Your Facebook Customer Feedback Score

What are some effective ways to improve my feedback score on Facebook?

To improve your feedback score on Facebook, prioritize enhancing customer satisfaction, actively engaging with customers, addressing their queries and concerns, and seeking positive reviews from satisfied customers.

How can I maintain a high feedback score while advertising on Facebook?

To maintain a high feedback score while advertising on Facebook, ensure that your ads resonate with your target audience, offer value to customers, and reflect your commitment to delivering a great customer experience.

What role does customer experience play in influencing the Facebook feedback score?

Customer experience plays a pivotal role in influencing the Facebook feedback score. Positive interactions, timely resolution of issues, and efficient service delivery contribute to a positive feedback score.

Dealing with Poor Customer Feedback on Facebook

How can I address poor customer feedback on Facebook effectively?

To address poor customer feedback on Facebook effectively, reach out to dissatisfied customers, empathize with their concerns, offer solutions or compensation where applicable, and take steps to prevent similar issues in the future.

What impact does poor customer feedback have on my Facebook ad campaigns?

Poor customer feedback can significantly impact your Facebook ad campaigns by leading to decreased ad relevance, lower reach, and higher ad costs, ultimately affecting the overall performance of your ads.

Is there a way to recover from a low Facebook customer feedback score?

Yes, it is possible to recover from a low Facebook customer feedback score by implementing corrective measures, actively seeking positive feedback, and consistently improving the customer experience to rebuild trust and reputation.

Avoiding Delivery Penalties and Maintaining a High Feedback Score

How does the delivery penalty affect my Facebook feedback score?

The delivery penalty on Facebook is applied when there are issues with product delivery or fulfillment. It can negatively impact your feedback score and overall ad performance.

What steps can I take to prevent being penalized for delivery issues on Facebook?

To prevent being penalized for delivery issues on Facebook, prioritize efficient and reliable shipping methods, provide accurate delivery information to customers, and promptly address any delivery-related concerns.

How does ensuring product quality and delivery speed contribute to a positive feedback score on Facebook?

Ensuring high product quality and swift delivery not only enhances customer satisfaction but also contributes to a positive feedback score on Facebook, reflecting a positive customer experience and reinforcing trust in your business.

What is Facebook Customer Feedback Score?

Facebook has recently introduced a new Facebook customer feedback score that can have a big impact on your Facebook ads campaign. The feedback score, ranging from 0 to 5, is based on various types of feedback received from its users, including information from surveys and interactions between people and businesses.

Feedback scores are updated on a continual basis, based on the most recent feedback. They reflect how well your business is meeting customer expectations and can be viewed as a tool to understand customer experiences with businesses.

If you don’t have a score yet, it just means you don’t have enough data yet – but make sure you keep an eye on it as you grow!

How will Feedback Score Affect Your Ad Performance?

Facebook page feedback score can affect your ad and commerce performance. For example, if an advertiser receives a significant amount of negative feedback, Facebook may consider all ads from this advertiser as lower quality. That means for a low Page feedback score, a Page’s ads may be subject to ad delivery restrictions.

Here is an extract of an article in the Facebook Business Help Center.

Pages More than a Year Old:

If a Page’s feedback score drops between 1 and 2, the Page will see an ad delivery restriction applied to its ads. This means its ads will reach fewer people for the same budget.

If a Page’s feedback score drops below 1, it won’t be allowed to advertise.

Pages Less than a Year Old:

If your Page’s score drops below 2, it won’t be allowed to advertise.

Basically, if your score is either 0 or 1, then your ads will no longer be displayed on Facebook or Instagram. This shows that you have a high degree of negative feedback, so you’re probably violating the advertising terms and conditions. You can use the feedback tool developed by Facebook to keep track of your score.

Lastly, make sure the links on your page are safe and valid

Maintain a good shopping environment


1) Logistics issues:

  • Send buyers timely and concise information, such as order confirmation, shipping notification, refund status, etc.
  • Send notices about special circumstances, such as delayed delivery due to the approaching holiday day
  • Clearly state the return and refund policy

2) Product quality:

  • Clear product description: Be clear about what you’re selling or offering. Use video, images, and ad copy that accurately represent what you’re selling.
  • Detailed aspects of your product: for example, a detailed size chart, size measurement guide, and model’s height measurement reference. Ensure accurate display and description of product size,  material, and all other aspects.
  • Reasonable Price: provide discounts during promotion or clearance.

3) Customer expectations:

Set clear expectations for customer service: If your inventory is limited, or you can’t meet the customer’s demand for your products, please consider reducing advertising before the customer buys, or clearly state the time required for production. For customized orders that may require longer production time, please specify clearly

4) Provide payment options commonly used in the local market at checkout

Ensure the consistency of products promoted on the homepage and landing page

If you sell products from multiple brands, try not to highlight the brand on each product description page.

To conclude

It is evident how important customer feedback is to Facebook, which means it should be important to your business too. The little changes you do that will make your business more customer-friendly have a large impact on your business. And it, in turn, can lead to your business having a good customer feedback score.

Now it’s your turn to take action. Hope this article will help you with your Facebook Ads Management.

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