The 11 best dropshipping agents to grow your store in 2023

Dropshipping has become a popular business model for many e-commerce entrepreneurs. It offers the advantage of low startup costs and eliminates the need to handle inventory. However, to succeed in the competitive world of online retail, finding the best dropshipping agent is crucial. In this article, we will explore the importance of working with a reputable dropshipping agent, the top 11 dropshipping agents for sourcing quality products, and the pros and cons of hiring a dropshipping agent.

How to Find the Best Dropshipping Agent for Your Online Store

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dropshipping Agent

When looking for the best dropshipping agent, there are several factors to consider. These include the agent’s experience in the industry, their product range, shipping times, and customer service. It’s important to partner with an agent who aligns with your business needs and goals.

Benefits of Working with a Reputable Dropshipping Supplier

Working with a reputable dropshipping supplier can offer several benefits such as access to high-quality products, reliable shipping, and excellent customer support. A trustworthy dropshipping agent can help build credibility for your business and ensure customer satisfaction.

What to Look for in a Dropshipping Agent for Your Niche

It’s essential to find a dropshipping agent that specializes in your niche. They should have a deep understanding of the industry and be able to source products that align with your target market. This ensures that you can offer unique and in-demand products to your customers.

Why You Need a Dropshipping Agent for Your Business

Advantages of Using a Dropshipping Agent

Using a dropshipping agent can streamline your operations by handling the sourcing, packing, and shipping of products. It allows you to focus on marketing and growing your business without the hassle of managing inventory. Additionally, you can test new products without committing to large upfront costs.

How a Sourcing Agent Can Help Streamline Your Dropshipping Operations

A sourcing agent plays a crucial role in simplifying the dropshipping process. They can efficiently manage product procurement, negotiation with suppliers, and quality control, ensuring that your customers receive top-notch products on time.

The Role of a Dropshipping Agent in Sourcing Niche Products for Your Store

A dropshipping agent with expertise in niche markets can source unique products that resonate with your target audience. This can give your store a competitive edge and attract customers looking for specialized merchandise.

Top 11 Dropshipping Agents for Sourcing Quality Products

Overview of the 11 Best Dropshipping Agents

There are numerous dropshipping agents available in the market, each with its unique strengths. Some of the leading dropshipping agents for sourcing quality products include Eboxman, CJ Dropshipping and other reputable players in the industry.

We’ll start with our own service Eboxman. We are an experienced dropshipping agent in China that aims to bring personalized attention into the business.

If you have worked with  sourcing agents before, you might have noticed that most agents have a ‘transactional approach’ towards business.

Will they source products and complete fulfillment for you? Sure. They will.

But it will lack the ‘care’ that you are probably looking for. That accountability that you seek in case your packages go missing. The reliability you look for, in case your packages get stuck and you need to be alerted of special cases.

That’s the void we aim to fill. We don’t let contractual clauses come in the way of our service. Even if it means that we have to go out of our way to fulfill a shipment.

Every parcel, every single product that we source, every vendor that we speak to, is in YOUR best interests.

Our vision is to support ecommerce-businesses grow in a sustainable and efficient way.

Here’s a look at our key offerings.

Key Services

A. Sourcing

You probably have spent a lot of time finding the winning product. But what if we say that we can better the price you are getting for that product? Let us sweeten the deal a little. What if we say that we can find a better quality product at the same price or even lower?

Eboman has an extensive network of factories and manufacturers in China. Think of this as a vetoed list of manufacturers who have multiple, effective communication channels, reasonable production lead times, favorable MOQs & quality that matches your existing vendor.

B. Private Labelling

Eboxman can be your guide and partner while transitioning from a general dropshipping store, to a dropshipping brand. We can help you with private labeling your product, as well as using a predictive inventory stocking model, where risks are low.

You stock only as much as you can sell. That way, even if an advertising platform shuts you down, you are not left reeling under the loss.

C. Fulfillment

Our team works with brands large and small. Right from one-man operations clocking 8-10 sales a day, to large organizations doing 1000-sales a day, our fulfillment services are flexible. We will securely receive and stock the inventory for you in our warehouse in China.

Eboxman team counts and verifies every shipment before it is organized in cases/pallets. When we receive the order, the team will pick, pack and ship to precision. Oh, did we forget to mention that we will also assist you with picking the best packaging for your shipment?

D. Shipping

Eboxman has a battle-tested logistics network that covers 48 countries across the globe and is steadily expanding. We deliver to the US and busy destinations in the EU within 5-10 days. More importantly, there are solutions in place for all the pre-shipping and post-shipping problems that merchants encounter frequently.

E. Customer Support

Tracking every package, every day, tops our to-do-list. This allows us to spot unusual shipments, such as the ones that are stuck, or the ones that are slow, and take prompt remedial action. If the package is damaged in transit, or lost, we will refund you, or reship to the customer for free.

F. Custom Dashboard

We create a custom dashboard with a project management system that gives you a bird’s eye view of the entire supply chain. Deliveries, delays, transition times, you will get timely updates about everything. Apart from this, you also get a clear number about how much you were spending with us so you can track all the expenses correctly.


Eboxman can be the on-ground partner in China that you always sought, but never knew where to find. Our services help you automate dropshipping sourcing and fulfillment while you focus on generating sales. That’s how dropshipping should work, right?

2. Cj Dropshipping

CJ Dropshipping is a big-ticket dropshipping platform that clubs the backend of the business with a storefront. So, rather than spending lots of time finding a private agent or suppliers on Alibaba, you can pick products from the CJ storefront, import it into your Shopify store and they will fulfill it for you.

That sounds like a no-brainer, which it well might be for small brands. But if you are a large ecommerce operation, then you might be able to get much better pricing than what CJ generally offers.

Key Features:

No Fee Pricing Model – CJ eliminates the fee slabs that make dropshipping platforms unaffordable for smaller brands. There’s no startup fees, no warehouse storage fees & no MOQ either. So, you can easily get started without the upfront costs associated with such a set up. If you make 5-10 sales only, that’s an excellent service.

Enormous Marketplace – With over 400,000+ items in store and more than 100000 products distributed to 60+ countries, the CJ marketplace is second to none. If you are testing the waters in dropshipping, this is as good a place as any to get started.

Winning Product Recommendation – One of the services of CJ dropshipping that we really like is that they can recommend you winning products. That said, this may not be an exclusive to you because others might also be selling the same products in the marketplace.


Dropshippers who prefer a hands-off service for their dropshipping business will love CJ for the sheer ease it brings to the table. You pick products and sell. They do the rest. But big brands seeking more control will prefer working with individual suppliers and dropshipping agents rather than a big ticket service like this.

3. Wiio Dropshipping

There’s a huge demand for all-encompassing dropshipping agents like CJ dropshipping. At least that’s what it seems like because Wiio is one of the newer brands that’s growing at the pace of knots.

To us, that comes as no surprise because Wiio offers an identical suite of services like CJ does. It has a storefront where you can source products from, and Wiio does the rest. That’s great right? But there’s more to it than what meets the eye.

Key Features:

Hot Products – Dropshipping merchants often spend days, if not more trying to find the winning product. You have to spy on your competition, find dropshipping suppliers, compare quotes, veto quality. It’s not easy at all.

With Wiio, you just log on to their ‘Hot Products’ page and you are instantly greeted by the most trending products in recent times. It’s not as effective as sourcing a winning product yourself. But it certainly cuts the time and effort.

Warehouses – Wiio has a network of 3 warehouses where it stocks your inventory. Two of these are in China, while one is in the United States.

Import from Aliexpress – If you cannot find products in Wiio’s storefront, you have the option to import your products from Aliexpress. This is something that’s going to happen a lot. Because Wiio’s product database is very limited, especially when compared with CJ Dropshipping.


Wiio have some exclusive services, like PayPal payments for buyers which brings buyer protection. They accept Boleto payments for merchants selling in Brazil.

That said, their shipping prices are higher than what the competition charges. That’s regardless of whether you use their special line delivery or the ‘Fast WIIO Private Line’. This can eat into your bottom line and you start to wonder whether the prices are really as cheap as they claim to be.

4. Sourcinbox

Sourcinbox is a dropshipping Platform that aims to match some of the bigger services in the industry. One of the ways that it manages to stand out from the competition is by offering a 100% free fulfillment app and service.

So, when you hire Sourcinbox to source a product for you, you only pay the product cost and a shipping fee. In exchange, you get free warehousing, quality checks and order fulfilment. Just like CJ & Wiio, Sourcinbox also has an integrated marketplace. But you have the option to engage their services for sourcing from anywhere.

Key Features:

All-Inclusive Service – Sourcinbox is an all-inclusive service. You just pick products or ask them to source it for you. They will then manage everything else. This type of service has its own pros and cons though.

Easy Management – Sourcinbox’s app makes it really easy to stay updated about your business on-the-go. You don’t have to manually log on to a website to check everything.

Product Photography – Just like CJ & Wiio, Sourcinbox also offers a bespoke, add-on service for product photography and videography. So, if you want to develop some great creatives for your ecommerce store, they can do it for you.


Since all these services are identical, it all boils down to the price advantage, doesn’t it? The question is, will Sourcinbox be able to get you better products at lower prices? They are located in the Zhejiang Province which puts them at close proximity with the industrial area, and hence manufacturers. That’s a strategic advantage that they offer.

5. Eprolo

Eprolo is one of the dropshipping platforms that has gained popularity in the last few years. They have a marketplace with lots of trending products, one warehouse in China where they stock your inventory, and a bunch of one-click integrations.

The workflow is pretty simple. You connect your storefront to the Eprolo marketplace, import products and get sales. They manage the backend entirely.

Key Features:

Automated fulfillment – Eprolo allows ecommerce businesses to focus on their core competencies, automating fulfilment. Everything from QC to shipping is covered.

Custom Express shipping channel – Eprolo claims to have their own special express line service. But so does CJ & Wiio. The average delivery time spans for all these special line services are 7-12 days.

Print on Demand – Eprolo can assist you with designing and printing custom branding for your ecommerce product. That said, this is an additional service that does not come with the free dropshipping platform.


A service like Eprolo works really well for small brands. You might be able to get access to products with no MOQ. They harp on the fact that the platform is free to use provided you order products from them. But they have one warehouse only and their express line service can experience serious delays during peak season.

6. Dropship China Pro

Dropship China Pro is one of the most comprehensive dropshipping agency in recent times, especially if you are looking at global fulfillment without the huge upfront costs typically associated with such services.

They have a team of international dropshipping experts who function as account managers. So apart from Mandarin and English, they also offer customer support requests in French, Dutch, and Spanish.

Key Features:

Overseas Warehouses – Dropship China Pro has a network of 13-warehouses. 2 of these are in China while 9 are located overseas in key markets. If you plan and distribute your inventory well, you can offer 2-4 day deliveries in key locations. Storage in their warehouse network is free for 60-days, which is excellent.

QC – Most dropshipping agents in China will just send you out a cookie cutter QC report. But Dropship China Pro will conduct a detailed QC before the product is stocked in the warehouse and before it is shipped. You can get pictures, videos and even do a live video call to inspect the QC process.

Blind Dropshipping – Dropship China Pro offers a special service where any and all traces of the product originating from China are removed. So, your customers will never know that the product originated in China.


With an international network of warehouses, integrations with 160+ carriers and a comprehensive QC check module, Dropship China Pro is one of the better services for small and medium brands.

7. Niche Dropshipping

Niche Dropshipping is a small team of professionals who offer end to end dropshipping services. Unlike the big ticket marketplaces, you are dealing with a team of people. That in our opinion, is the biggest USP of the service.

They can assist you from Sourcing to delivery.

Key Features:

Dedicated Account Manager – When you sign up with Niche Dropshipping, you are assigned a dedicated account manager on Skype. They will then be available for any one-on-one consultations about your business.

Sourcing – Like many big ticket dropshipping platforms, Niche Dropshipping does not merely source from Taobao, Alibaba or 1688. They have an on-ground network of manufacturers too.

Private Labelling – Niche dropshipping also offers assistance for dropshipping stores looking to build a private label dropshipping brand. Logo design, custom packaging and product photography are some of the additional services you can avail of.


If you are looking to work with a team of people with experience in the Chinese marketplace, then Niche Dropshipping might be a good choice.

8. Ecomm Ops

Last but not the least, we have Dayu Yang’s Ecomm Ops. If you follow dropshipping videos on YouTube, you’d have come across this service at least once. This is the recommended fulfilment provider for Gabriel St-Germain, one of the most successful dropshippers in the world.

The aggressive marketing apart, Ecomm Ops is a pretty standard service. Their USP is that the team communicates in fluent English, and has a great understanding of the many challenges that arise in the ecommerce supply chain.

Key Features:

Sourcing – Ecomm Ops can help you source products directly from factories, and not just the standard marketplaces. Besides, if you have custom sourcing requests, those are catered to, as well.

Special Shipping Line – Ecomm Ops has a special shipping line service that delivers to US, UK, DE, FR, SP, and Italy in 5-15 days. These may not be the peak season delivery times though.

Located in Shenzhen – Ecomm Ops is based in Shenzhen which gives them ready access to the biggest electronics and apparel market in China. If these are your niches, sourcing products might be easy for them.


Ecomm Ops is a pretty good service with a great presence on social media platforms. One of their best features is that they issue prompt refunds for packages that are lost in shipping. So you can be rest assured that they are accountable.

9. uDroppy

uDroppy is a relatively new dropshipping platform that integrates directly with your Shopify store, allowing you to search for products from within your store interface itself.

Rather than heading to a B2B portal and spending hours researching products, you can source directly from your Shopify store itself. Also, uDroppy has an extensive network of suppliers that it connects with in real time.

So, you have no dearth of variety when it comes to sourcing. This happens to be a common complaint amongst businesses who use similar services.

Key Features:

Supplier Network in Italy & USA – uDroppy connects with an extensive supplier network across China. But it’s not limited to that. It also includes suppliers in Italy and the USA, who ship directly from these destinations. That cuts short the time and effort needed to ship your inventory to warehouses in these destinations.

One-click fulfillment – With uDroppy, you don’t have to manually fulfill the order. Once you source the product and generate a sale, everything is automated. The fulfillment is one click and can be customized to the T.

Scaling & Private Labelling – uDroppy offers you all the tools you need to scale and grow as an ecommerce business. Right from a private account manager who will oversee your account and help you with potential problems, to fulfillment in 185 countries, there are minimal hurdles if you seek growth.


uDroppy offers four tiered pricing plans. The top two tiers might come across as expensive, if you are just starting off with ecommerce. That said, don’t forget for a minute that this is an end-to-end service with a dedicated account manager. A slight premium will save you tons of hassles.

10. Yakkyofy

Yakkyofy is a dropshipping company that boasts of a product database of more than 12-million products. Yakkyofy has a similar feature set. It lets you connect your Shopify or eBay store directly with their platform.

Upload three images of a product and they will search for it in their vast database. One click import the product and start selling. It’s the simple and effortless way to dropship.

Key Features:

B2B Pricing – Most dropshipping services like these that offer marketplaces generally have higher prices than what’s offered on B2B sites. But Yakkyofy offers B2B pricing, which in general is 10-15% lower than what you get on B2B sites.

Automated Stock Updates – You don’t have to pay for inventory storage. It’s part of the bundle that Yakkyofy offers. Also, when the stock starts to deplete from your virtual warehouse, the details are updated in real time, so you can order in advance.

Automated fulfillment – Yakkyofy allows you to create and activate an e-wallet with their platform. Once this is done, orders are auto-fulfilled post sales. There’s no need to even check and click on anything manually.


Yakkyofy has no monthly fee or recurrent charges. Everything is free provided you source the products from them. There might be small markups though. As always, compare the actual cost of product procurement, rather than getting swayed by lower costs at the time of purchase.

11. Zendrop

Zendrop is a massive US based dropshipping marketplace that lists more than 1 Million products in almost every common and uncommon category in the ecommerce industry. It allows small brands and startups to source products directly without relying on suppliers from Aliexpress or other B2B sites.

They veto the sellers themselves, which takes guesswork out of sourcing. Also, their prices are generally more favorable than what you find on Aliexpress, comparatively. Here’s a look at their key features.

Key Features:

End to end services – Zendrop is one of the few dropshipping companies in China that offer end to end services. The only thing that you’ve got to do as a business is source the product from their marketplace. They handle everything else after that. The orders are auto-fulfilled, which takes off a huge load off your shoulders.

American Customer Support – One of their USPs is that they have an American support team. So, even if you are in the US, you don’t have to wait until agents in their timezone are online. You get prompt responses.

Private Labelling – Usually, large sourcing marketplaces like Zendrop do not offer private labelling. But they do. Including custom packaging, which is one of the most critical features for brand building.


With multiple shipping options including Express Shipping at a flat rate, Zendrop is an excellent choice for small brands. But if you are scaling or have scaled already, then you might be better off sourcing from a private supplier for better pricing and more control over the supply chain.

How to Find a Chinese Dropshipping Agent for Sourcing Products

China is a hub for dropshipping products, and finding a reliable Chinese dropshipping agent can significantly benefit your business. Chinese agents often offer a wide range of products at competitive prices, making them a popular choice for many e-commerce entrepreneurs.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Working with a Dropshipping Agent in China

While working with a dropshipping agent in China can provide access to a vast array of products, it may also entail longer shipping times and potential language barriers. It’s essential to weigh the advantages and drawbacks before selecting a Chinese dropshipping agent.

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Dropshipping Agent

Advantages of Using a Dropshipping Agent Versus Managing Your Own Store

Hiring a dropshipping agent frees up your time to focus on marketing, customer service, and growing your business. It also eliminates the need to invest in warehouse space and manage inventory, significantly reducing overhead costs.

Challenges and Potential Pitfalls of Partnering with a Dropshipping Sourcing Agent

While dropshipping agents offer many advantages, it’s essential to be aware of the potential challenges, such as communication issues, product quality control, and shipping delays. Selecting the right agent and maintaining open communication can help mitigate these hurdles.

Difference Between a Dropshipping Agent and a Private Label Supplier

A dropshipping agent primarily handles the sourcing and shipping of products, while a private label supplier offers custom-branded products. Understanding the distinction can help you choose the right business model for your e-commerce venture.

How an Experienced Dropshipping Agent Can Help Grow Your Business

Ways a Dropshipping Agent Can Assist in Sourcing Winning Products

An experienced dropshipping agent can leverage their industry knowledge and connections to source winning products for your store. They can identify trending items and help you stay ahead of the competition.

Benefits of Using a Dropshipping Platform with Integrated Agent Services

Some dropshipping platforms offer integrated agent services, streamlining the sourcing and shipping process. This can enhance efficiency and provide a seamless experience for both the seller and the customers.

How an Experienced Dropshipping Agent Can Help Scale Your Dropshipping Store

An experienced dropshipping agent can provide valuable insights and guidance to help scale your dropshipping store. By optimizing product selection and improving operational efficiency, they can contribute to the sustainable growth of your business.


I hope this article helped you to find an excellent dropshipping agent for your business.

A dropshipping agent is a great way to minimize your delivery times and improve your product’s packaging.

Also, if you are looking for a private dropshipping agent, be aware that essentially everyone can call themselves a “dropshipping agent”. Make sure they can prove it!

Last but not least, don’t forget you can contact us if you have any doubts about choosing a dropshipping agent or if you have any remaining questions.

Good luck with everything!

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